"A Recipe for Purr-fection" is the 16th episode of the AstroLOLogy animated series. It is the 4th part of the Cat-astrophe chapter and the 16th episode overall.



Taurus' cat wakes up and nudges him awake. The two bond in different ways: licking each other, scratching each other, Taurus knitting a onesie as the cat plays with the yarn, and riding a seesaw, where the weight difference between them causes Taurus to accidentally send the cat flying, but he catches it in his hands. They then go biking, playing video games, sunbathing, and taking photos.

At home, Taurus hangs a photo of him and his cat on a wall with 22 others. He pulls a roast turkey out of his oven and cuts off a small piece for the cat as he eats the rest. The cat wants more of the turkey, but Taurus refuses, holds it closes to him, and yells at the cat.

In the fortune message, Taurus continues eating his turkey, but his cat walks up behind him still wanting more, causing him to flee.

Fortune Message

"Unless you're Taurus' furry friend, yummy treats are too good to be shared."


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