"Aaah-Rachnid" is the 10th episode of the AstroLOLogy animated series. It is the 10th part of the Rom-Antics chapter and the 10th episode overall.



While fixing a car, Scorpio freaks out when a spider lands on his face. He reaches into his toolbox for a wrench and attempts to swat it, only for the spider to jump out of the way and Scorpio to hit himself in the head. Relieved that the spider is gone, Scorpio gets a call from Virgo asking for a repair on her car. He lifts the hood to see several spiders on the engine, giving both of them a shock.

Scorpio assures Virgo everything is fine and nervously attempts to reinsert a displaced hose, which proves difficult when an increasing number of spiders crawl on his arm, but he eventually succeeds and shakes them off before quickly spraying the engine with insecticide and closing the hood. Virgo is relieved, gives Scorpio a kiss, and he drives off, only to have another spider land on his head, causing him to swerve.

In the fortune message, four spiders hang from the top of the screen.

Fortune Message

"Scorpio may be a softie on the inside but he'll toughen right up to face his fears, especially when love is on the line."



  • This is the episode where Scorpio first met Virgo, the sequel being "Tooth Picky".
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