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What's AstroLOLogy?

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AstroLOLogy is The Malaysian Animated Series Created by Ken Foong which is Animated by Lemon Sky Animation. Released Globally in 2018.

Everyone born on Earth knows what their star sign is - which is why AstroLOLogy has transformed all twelve iconic Zodiac symbols into fun characters with big personalities that everybody can all relate to, as the basis of a hilarious short-form kid's TV series. Each episode contains a short feature based on each of the 12 stars signs, which means that, no matter when you were born, you will find an animated cartoon about you, highlighting your personality (and indicating a few hidden truths about the way you think and feel). Even for viewers who are not generally engaged with Astrology, it will be impossible not to be curious as to what will happen to their personal star sign in each episode; thus ensuring a maximum audience. Because the star sign characters have been established throughout the world for over 2,500 years and have universal appeal means that AstroLOLogy enjoys the biggest inbuilt audience of any original series. Ever.

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AstroLOLogy Trailer

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