"Bomberwoman Pisces" is the 134th episode of AstroLOLogy season 2. It is the 2nd part of the AstroLOLogical Celebration chapter and the 278th episode overall.



At the police department, Pisces is enjoying a drink when the alarm rings. She grabs her bomb squad uniform and equipment and drives a truck to the site of a bomb set to blow in 4 minutes. She activates the defusal drone and cuts the yellow wire, which seems to work, but instead causes the timer to jump ahead to 1 minute.

Pisces puts on her uniform and gets out to disarm the bomb herself. Faced with cutting either the red or blue wire, she cuts the blue wire and sighs in relief when the bomb seems to have stopped, only to see that the timer has gone forward again to 15 seconds. She cuts the red wire to no effect, then panics and pushes Aries and Capricorn out of the way, then throws the bomb into the air and jumps on the ground before it detonates. The bomb explodes into a shower of sparks, but while Aries and Capricorn watch in delight, Pisces flops about shell-shocked.

During the fortune message, Pisces walks up and looks around. Aries fires a confetti blaster behind her, causing her to panic and run off.

Fortune Message

"A little firework is often too explosive for Pisces."

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