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"Breaking Mad" is the 18th episode of the AstroLOLogy animated series. It is the 6th part of the Cat-astrophe chapter and the 18th episode overall.



Cancer sees her cat clawing up her sofa and stares sternly at it, but it puts on a cute face that causes her to instantly forgive it. The cat runs off and the couch's stuffing promptly bursts through. Cancer scolds the cat when she finds it climbing her curtains, but it charms her again. She plays with it and the curtains break into ribbons.

The cat soon gets away with eating Cancer's goldfish and knocking a vase off a drawer, but she worriedly tries to convince it not to knock over her framed photo of her and Leo. The cat knocks it over and on landing on the floor, it spins around on its corner before falling over and breaking. Cancer isn't fooled this time and becomes angry. The cat tries to tape the glass back together, but it does nothing to stop Cancer's rage.

In the fortune message, the cat is fleeing as Cancer angrily hops towards it.

Fortune Message

"Cancer will swing from fragile to hostile if you break what she holds dear."