Bullies Beware is The 66th Episode of AstroLOLogy Season 2. This is The 6th Part of the Past Time Fun Chapter and The 210th Episode Overall.

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The episode starts at the kindergarten where Toddler Cancer, Toddler Aries, Baby Capricorn, Toddler Scorpio and Toddler Leo are playing with toys. While Baby Capricorn is playing with a plush dinosaur, Toddler Scorpio took it away from him as Toddler Scorpio plays with it. Baby Capricorn looks sad. Then he started playing with an alphabet block. But Toddler Leo took it away from him. Then Baby Capricorn started playing a toy race car. But Toddler Aries took it away from him before taunting to him. With no toys to play for Baby Capricorn, he starts removing his pacifier and cries. Toddler Cancer goes to Baby Capricorn to ask. Toddler Cancer asks to him what his problem is. Baby Capricorn points at the Toddler Boys who stole his toys as then Toddler Cancer gets mad at them. Toddler Cancer takes Baby Capricorn to play at her place.

Baby Capricorn is now sitting at Toddler Cancer's place as she gives him a teddy bear to hug with. Now with him happy, they both start thier tea party together. Baby Capricorn "feeds" the teddy bear while Toddler Cancer pours "tea" to her cup. She then dresses up the rabbit plush with some ponytails and a plush elephant with glasses as she cheers. Baby Capricorn dresses the teddy bear with a top hat as they laugh each other. Meanwhile, the boys sees what Capricorn and Cancer are doing as they laugh.

As both Toddler Cancer and Baby Capricorn continue to play, a basketball bounces to the table knocking off the toy plates, toy cups and a toy kettle. Both sees the boys that they "apologize" to them. Toddler Cancer then leaves to get the basketball back to the boys without notice. With Baby Capricorn alone, The boys are at it again. Toddler Aries took the teddy bear off of his hands as Toddler Leo pats on his head leaving him worried. The boys then starts playing with the teddy bear without the worrying Baby Capricorn wanted to get it back. The boys continue to play with the teddy bear more but Baby Capricorn starts to worry more as well. He started crying once more leaving the boys laughing to him.

As Toddler Cancer picks up the basketball that the boys threw, she notices that she hear Baby Capricorn crying which is caused by the boys. She starts to get angry and mad. While the boys are laughing, Toddler Cancer Gathers the bullying boys to the corner. The boys now seeing Toddler Cancer's anger in action. She starts screaming out loudly, tumble down the building blocks, stomps on the toy race car and rips the plush dinosaur apart leaving the boys scared and afraid. She asks the boys to leave Baby Capricorn alone and so they left.

Later, Baby Capricorn are playing with the boys now being dressed up by him and Toddler Cancer. Toddler Aries is seen wearing a bow, Toddler Scorpio now wears a blonde wig and Toddler Leo wearing a top hat. Baby Capricorn wanted the boys to open their mouths but the boys nod no. Toddler Cancer gets mad once more to the boys seeing that they refuse. After the boys seeing this, they smile meaning they will be "fed" from Baby Capricorn. and so he did as well to enjoy his playtime.

Fortune Message Edit

"Bullies fear when Cancer is here."

Baby Capricorn is seen playing his teddy bear. The boys came out from the toy box wanted to mess with him. But Toddler Cancer pops out from another toy box being mad to the boys as they smile and leave inside the box. Baby Capricorn sees that leaving him confused.


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  • This is the only episode to be entirely focused on the babified versions of Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, Scorpio and Leo.
  • The alphabet block, toy race car and Toddler Cancer's angry pose was recycled from Scaring Scorpio, Racing with Pisces and Breaking Mad.
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