"Cat-ching Stardom" is the 17th episode of the AstroLOLogy animated series. It is the 5th part of the Cat-astrophe chapter and the 17th episode overall.



Gemini are watching a video on a tablet of a cat playing a keyboard (a parody of the famous Keyboard Cat video posted to YouTube in 2009). When they notice its view count at over 888,000 and rising, they figure that they can make a video of their own cat and be equally famous. One of the brothers tries to get the cat to dance to disco music and strobe lights, but it refuses to do anything despite his efforts. The other brother walks up with a soccer ball and a whistle and kicks the boombox away, but they fight over the ball, accidentally hitting the cat and having the ball bounce into the camera.

One of the brothers tries to impress the cat with his soccer ball stunts, but it ignores him until he accidentally kicks the ball into it, knocking the cat over. The other brother takes the traumatized cat and the two fight over it, stretching it out and causing it to become enraged and chase them around the room. The resulting video is shown close to reaching 10 billion views. The beaten and bandaged Gemini laugh triumphantly, but cower in fear when their cat walks up to them.

During the fortune message, the cat is recording Gemini as they're forced to throw the soccer ball at each other.

Fortune Message

"According to Gemini, it takes some hits to be a hit."



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