"Curbing Cravings" is the 74th episode of AstroLOLogy season 2. It is the 2nd part of the FoodoLOLogy chapter and the 218th episode overall.



In her apartment, Pisces is watching a commercial of Cancer refusing to eat an assortment of junk foods and choosing to eat an apple instead, maintaining a healthy weight as a result. Pisces sees the food on her table and becomes worried, then steps on her scale and is shocked when the pointer goes to the far right. Deciding that she needs to lose weight, Pisces drops her unhealthy foods in the garbage can.

At the grocery store, Pisces focuses on buying fresh produce but is then tempted by visions of living sweets. She comes to her senses and backs away from them and into a giant box of fries, then runs into a slice of pizza and a burger, cowering under a desk only to be found by a giant can of soda that erupts foam to tempt her further.

Cornered by junk foods, Pisces envisions herself becoming obese, which gives her the resolve to fight her way out. In reality, she's punching a pile of food as Officer Taurus stares.

During the fortune message, Pisces walks up and prepares to take a bite of an apple, but a donut convinces her to eat it instead and she chases after it.

Fortune Message

"Sometimes, Pisces bite is bigger than her appetite."

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