"Damsel in Bee-Stress" is the 2nd episode of the AstroLOLogy animated series. It is the 2nd part of the Rom-Antics chapter and the 2nd episode overall. This episode marks the first appearance of Pisces.



Pisces arrives at a red carpet event, being thrown many roses by her fans, including a full bouquet. Capricorn offers her a single rose, but she turns him down, causing him to walk off dejected. When Pisces takes a sniff of the bouquet, a bee comes out and she yells, imagining the bee as being giant.

Capricorn hears Pisces and appears in her fantasy as her literal knight in shining armor, fending off the bee with his sword, when in reality, he's simply waving his rose around pathetically in an attempt to shoo it away. The "fight" ends when the bee stings Capricorn in his rear and he collapses. Pisces picks up his torn rose and kisses him, followed by him laughing sheepishly.

In the fortune message, a red carpet rolls in from the right side of the screen and Pisces walks onscreen, waving.

Fortune Message

"Pisces' penchant for high drama turns tiny romance gestures into big acts of love."


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  • Pisces wears a pink skirt and crown in this episode instead of a teal-colored skirt as in later episodes.
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