Dental-phobia is The 106th Episode of The AstroLOLogy Animated Series. This is The 10th Part of the A LOL a Day Keeps The Doctor Away Chapter and The 106th Episode Overall.



Scorpio Goes Boxing And Fights With Leo,Leo Tries To Punch Scorpio,But He Failed,Scorpio Avoids Punches,Then He Fights Leo Back,Scorpio Won The Battle,He Gets Silver Trophy,He Puts On The Desk,Then,He Eats Meat,But Scorpio Sees That He Got Cavity On His Teeth,This Makes Scorpio Scream In Pain,Then,He Hooks His Teeth On The Door,And Closes,But He Gets Slammed On The Door,Then He Puts His Tooth To The Hook Of Scorpio's Tow Truck,Then It Goes Up With Scorpio,At The Dental Clinic,Scorpio Is Scared,And He Hears Virgo Treats Taurus' Teeth,He Feels So Not Very Well,Scorpio Looks At The Lights,The Dental Items And The Teeth,Scorpio Is Very Scared,Virgo Starts Treating Scorpio's Teeth,Then Scorpio Gets Scared And Goes Back Home,Then His Teeth Hurts,And He Punches,Silver Trophy Hits Scorpio,Which He Has An Idea,On The Boxing Battle With Leo,Scorpio Wants Leo To Punch Scorpio's Teeth,Then He Punches Scorpio,And The Teeth Falls Out,Which Means Scorpio Loses His Tooth,But All Of Them Fall Out,And He Falls Out Too.

Fortune Message

"A toughie like Scorpio may be hard to break but it's the little things that make him shake."

Scorpio Has New Teeth, But Then He Sneezes, And His Teeth Falls Out And Runs Away, And Then Scorpio Catches It.


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