"Furry Paw-blems" is the 20th episode of the AstroLOLogy animated series. It is the 8th part of the Cat-astrophe chapter and the 20th episode overall.



Virgo is admiring her cat as it sleeps on her laundry basket but is disgusted seeing her spare dress covered in cat hair. She sweeps after the cat as it leaves more hair in its wake. When she drinks a glass of water, she finds it full of more hair, then she finds it on the head of her toothbrush and all over her sofa, the latter making her sneeze.

Suddenly, a commercial plays on the TV showing Aquarius sweeping up after a cat before deciding to use a remote-controlled vacuum to clean for him. Virgo orders the vacuum and it cleans up after her cat while it's sleeping on a stool, but when it proves ineffective at its default setting, she sets it to the maximum. The vacuum deploys three more heads and begins sucking in everything in Virgo's house, eventually exploding and leaving her and her cat buried in furniture. The cat sheds again, annoying Virgo.

During the fortune message, the cat is riding the vacuum and looking depressed after being shaved.

Fortune Message

"Sometimes, all it takes is a little furry mess to pull Virgo into a world of chaos."


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