"High on Love" is the 12th episode of the AstroLOLogy animated series. It is the 12th and final part of the Rom-Antics chapter and the 12th episode overall.



Capricorn and Pisces are laughing at things on the internet when Pisces comes across a news article about a rare flower being found and gets excited. Getting the idea to get the flower for Pisces as a gesture, Capricorn takes a plane to the mountain where the flower grows and attempts to climb it. His efforts are repeatedly undone by him being knocked back to his starting point; first by part of the mountain collapsing after he embeds a pick in it; when he gets headbutted and sent flying by a mountain goat; and when a flash blizzard freezes him solid.

Eventually, Capricorn reaches the flower, only for a yeti to appear and roar at him, causing an avalanche that puts both of them in a giant snowball sent flying back to the ground. A beaten Capricorn returns home and presents Pisces the flower, only for it to turn out that she didn't want it and was excited after seeing an advertisement for a Valentine's Day sale. With all his efforts gone to waste, Capricorn is left in shock and eats the flower.

During the fortune message, Capricorn has gotten the pink heart-shaped gem featured in the ad for Pisces, only for him to trip and send it hurtling into an open manhole.

Fortune Message

"When it comes to love, Capricorn won't stop till he gets to the top."



  • Capricorn and the yeti are shown being hit by the avalanche again in the later episode "Mad-itation". The yeti then appears in the middle test tube in the UFO in the episode "Abducted!".
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