"Kitty Kan't Wait" is the 21st episode of the AstroLOLogy animated series. It is the 9th part of the Cat-astrophe chapter and the 21st episode overall.



Libra is at the pet store with his cat and scanning an aisle. He sees two scratching posts, one purple and the other pink, but can't decide which one he should buy when it's apparent that his cat will settle for either. The cat grows impatient and claws him.

Covered in bandages, Libra goes to the litter box section and sees two, one red and one green. The cat decides to do its business in the green litter box, but Libra puts it in the red one, then picks it up again. With nowhere to go, the cat defecates and Libra gets some on his hand, to his disgust.

Libra goes to the pet food section and sees two boxes, one pink with an orange bottom and the other orange with a pink bottom. The cat will again settle for either choice and its stomach growls. It jumps out of Libra's hands and sees him as a fish. Suddenly, Libra finds it trying to eat his backside.

In the fortune message, the cat has apparently succeeded in eating Libra as it is now fat and burps up his wig.

Fortune Message

"You just can't rush Libra into a decision, even when the moment calls for haste."


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