Libra is One of The Main Characters in The AstroLOLogy Animated Series. He Appears to Be a Cyan Jellybean-Shaped Humanoid with Blue Limbs and a Yellow Wig. He First Appeared in The Episode. "Condimental Love" in The 2018 Series. He is Under The Name of 'Larry' During the 2016 Shorts.

Character DescriptionEdit

Libra is so chill he seems utterly oblivious to the daily challenges of normal life. You almost wonder if he's high all the time, until you realize that he truly exists on a higher plane of consciousness. Fair-minded to a fault, Libra believes in balance at all costs - as result he is often called upon to act as a judge or arbitrator.


He is a Calm Floating Jellybean Shaped Humanoid That He Can't Made His Decision Over which He Would Choose. He Also Not Being a Mad Person all because of Being calm All the Time.


He is Born in September Seen in "I-Nooo!-culation".

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only character that does not walk on two legs like others do.
  • His yellow wig bears striking resemblance to those most notably worn by European court judges within history, who executes equity and justice.
  • His name "Larry" means "laurel crowned", which could refer to the yellow wig that covers his head.
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