"Mad-itation" is the 45th episode of the AstroLOLogy animated series. It is the 9th part of the Off Duty chapter and the 45th episode overall.



Libra is meditating and plays a singing bowl, only to lose his concentration due to the sound of Aquarius hitting a chemistry table with a hammer on the floor above him and Sagittarius playing a guitar below him. He decides to go into the woods and plays the bowl again, only to hear the sounds of a woodpecker, a fly, frogs, and crickets. Annoyed, Libra goes into a cave under a mountain, and after seeing no one else around, he plays the bowl a third time, which causes an avalanche that hits Capricorn and the yeti above and causes several stalactites to fall from the ceiling and around Libra. He squeezes out and leaves to go meditate in a bathroom stall, only to lose his concentration again from the sound of a fart.

During the fortune message, Libra hovers across the screen meditating, not knowing that he has toilet paper stuck to his butt.

Fortune Message

"Sometimes, it's just more likely for Libra, to find peace in the unlikeliest of places."



  • This episode takes place at the same time as "High on Love", as it reuses the scene of Capricorn and the yeti getting hit by an avalanche.
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