Mirror Horror is the 115th episode of the AstroLOLogy animated series. It is the 7th episode of the Happy Ahh-LOL-ween chapter and the 115th episode overall.

Characters Edit

Plot Edit

While exploring an abandoned castle, Leo is bitten by a vampire bat and falls down a set of stairs and into an empty coffin, waking up to find that he's now a vampire. After enjoying the use of his new powers, he goes to Cancer's home and enthralls her to make her a vampire as well, but not before taking a selfie. It's then that he sees that as a vampire, he no longer appears in photos or reflective surfaces, causing him distress due to his prideful nature.

The fortune message shows Leo still worrying, which is further exacerbated when he begins to sparkle.

Fortune Message Edit

"The only superpower Leo wants is the ability to see himself."



  • Leo as a vampire can't see his reflection in a mirror, which is a common trope among vampires in fiction.
  • Vampire Leo appears again in the follow-up episode, "The Hygienist".
  • The painting of an Aries-like woman in the mansion also appears in the episodes "Fast Love", "The Reckless Hero", and "Paranormal Piscesity".
  • Leo sparkling during the fortune message is a reference to the book and film series Twilight, where sparkling in sunlight is a trait among vampires.
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