Mr. Not-So-Tough is The 22nd Episode of The AstroLOLogy Animated Series. This is The 10thh Part of the Cat-astrophe Chapter and The 22nd Episode Overall.



Scorpio is eating dinner when a cat comes to his front door. He opens the door wondering what it was. He didn't necessarily want it, but it rushed inside anyway. It tries to eat Scorpio's dinner, eat his goldfish, rip his punching bag, and know over his books & trophies. The cat hides under the couch knowing Scorpio is angry. In anger, Scorpio throws the couch, grabs the cat, and throws it outside. That's when a thunderstorm hit. Scorpio suddenly feels bad for throwing the cat outside, so he slowly opens the door and sees the cat with its twinkling eyes. Scorpio starts to cry a little bit, but he opens the door letting the cat inside half-regretting his decision. He goes back to his dinner with the cat, and takes a drumstick for his cat so that he can eat the rest of the chicken. Instead, the cat takes the whole chicken. Scorpio starts to get angry, but then takes a deep breath and realizes it's ok.

Fortune Messege

"Nothing breaks Scorpio's hard exterior faster than a fluffy, feline friend."


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