"One Cool Exorcist" is the 117th episode of the AstroLOLogy animated series. It is the 9th part of the Happy Ahh-LOL-ween chapter and the 117th episode overall.



A cab arrives, dropping Libra off at an apartment building where Cancer awaits him. They go up the stairs and open a bedroom door to see Capricorn in bed, possessed by a ghost. Libra ignores Capricorn's attempts to intimidate him and takes his temperature, followed by Capricorn spitting the thermometer out and roaring, but Libra simply sprays him with an aerosol can. Capricorn clings to the ceiling and chases Cancer around the room as Libra ignores them and searches his bag for the right tool, pulling out a garlic clove necklace, a hammer and chisel, and a chainsaw, as Capricorn assumes a hulking winged devil form and corners Cancer. However, Cancer becomes enraged, much to Capricorn's surprise, and attacks him, sending him flying back into bed and causing the ghost to leave him. As Capricorn comes to, Libra spritzes him with a bottle of holy water and assumes his efforts worked, causing Cancer to get angry again. He spritzes her to no effect before she pounces on him.

During the fortune message, Libra is fleeing as Cancer chases him.

Fortune Message

"Perhaps it's Libra's chilled attitude that needs an exorcising."



  • This episode is a direct reference to the mystery/thriller movie, The Exorcist.
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