"Party Perfect" is the 140th episode of AstroLOLogy season 2. It is the 8th part of the AstroLOLogical Celebration chapter and the 284th episode overall.



Virgo is carefully setting up for a party when Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius arrive. Seeing that Aquarius doesn't have a tie, Virgo stops him and gives him a bowtie before letting him enter.

Virgo goes over to conduct the musical entertainment (Capricorn and Gemini), then yells at one of Gemini for having an improperly tuned violin. When she sees Taurus messily eating the food, she makes him use a knife and fork for his steak. When Cancer and Aries dance, Virgo forces them to hold each other doing so.

When the clock strikes midnight, everyone begins celebrating. Virgo appears and initially seems annoyed at everyone, but suddenly pulls off her white dress revealing a black dress, shutter shades, and rainbow wig underneath, and begins wildly partying, disturbing her guests.

During the fortune message, Virgo walks up in her formal dress and switches back to her party outfit, then dances.

Fortune Message

"Virgo puts the 'P'(erfect) in Party."

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