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She is Born Around Feburary Seen in "[[Purr-ception]]".
She is Born Around Feburary Seen in "[[Purr-ception]]".
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Pisces is One of The Main Characters in The AstroLOLogy Animated Series. She Appears to Be a A Fish Liked Humanoid with a Teal Skirt and Fin Shaped Earrings. She First Appeared in The Episode. "Damsel in Bee-Stress" in The 2018 Series. She is Under The Name of 'Priscilla' During the 2016 Shorts.

Character Description

Pisces is a star! The biggest celebrity in the Astrolology Universe is a genuine Diva - a creative force of nature whose passion can be overwhelming. A theatrical Drama Queen who is larger than life and exaggerates everything - in her mind ants become elephants and wrong musical notes feel like earthquakes.


A Calm Yet Kind Pisces Liked Character, She Likes to Sing Out Her Songs when ever she wanted to have her High-Tone to Be Heard. She is Also Overreacts Everything That she fears and pain like a Drama Queen she is.


She is Born Around Feburary Seen in "Purr-ception".

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