"Pisces and The Beanstalk" is the 122nd episode of AstroLOLogy season 2. It is the 2nd part of the A Very Fairy AstroLOLogy chapter and the 266th episode overall.



Pisces is searching her dilapidated home for food, looking in pots and opening a cabinet only to see a lone roach. Her stomach growls and she sadly sits at the kitchen table when Capricorn knocks on her door and comes in. He pulls out a giant bean, which upsets her and she tosses it out the window. Capricorn laughs when they hear the sound of the bean growing into a giant beanstalk.

Pisces and Capricorn go outside to examine the beanstalk. Pisces imagines a world of giant food at the top and tells Capricorn to climb it. She waits for him to get back, passing the time by knitting before going to sleep. She wakes up and imagines Capricorn at the top of the beanstalk happily gorging himself on food and becomes angry at the thought of him having it all to himself while she's starving, so she climbs up after him.

At the top, Capricorn is being chased by a giant while carrying a large backpack and slides down the beanstalk at the same time that Pisces is climbing up. Pisces makes it to the top and the giant is revealed to be Cancer, who is angry about Capricorn trespassing on her property. She picks up Pisces, then nuzzles her and decides to keep her as a pet in a hamster cage. Capricorn returns to Pisces' home with several giant foodstuffs that he acquired, wondering where she is, then shrugs and eats a chicken leg.

During the fortune message, Cancer gives Pisces another bean, much to the latter's annoyance.

Fortune Message

"When her imagination takes over, Pisces can often get a little too hasty."

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