"Purr-ception" is the 14th Episode of the AstroLOLogy animated series. It is the 2nd part of the Cat-astrophe chapter and the 14th episode overall.



Pisces' doorbell rings and she sees that someone delivered her a birthday present, which turns out to be a new cat. While happy at first, Pisces has a vision of a future where she's the cat's lowly slave, cleaning up its messes, feeding it, and being forced to sleep on the floor as it gets her bed. She puts it back in the gift box, but can't resist and takes it inside.

As Pisces sings while sweeping, the cat knocks over her portraits and pottery, much like her vision. She gets annoyed, but the cat uses its cute charm to make her forgive it and she happily cleans up. Pisces feeds the cat, but it quickly finishes the entire bowl offscreen, so she brings it a shopping cart full of boxes of cat food. Later, while Pisces is listening to music from her phone, the cat lifts one of her headphones to yell into her ear for more food, then it wakes her up in the middle of the night for even more. Pisces walks back to bed, only for the cat to jump in, also like her vision. She gets angry but still forgives the cat and sleeps on the floor.

The fortune message shows Pisces with a grim expression as the cat sleeps on her back.

Fortune Message

"There's always a little truth in Pisces' big imaginations."


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