Sagittarius is One of The Main Characters in The AstroLOLogy Animated Series. She Appears to Be a Female Humanoid with Green Hair with a Big Horse Liked Pony Tail with an Orange Scrunchie with an Arrow on it. She Wore a Green Tank Top and Brown Pants Which Look Like The Horse's Legs. She First Appeared in The Episode. "Scent-o-logy" with Her Major Apperance in The Episode "Wild at Heart" in The 2018 Series. She is Under The Name of 'Sally' During the 2016 Shorts.

Character Description

Sagittarius is a wild child; far more at home in the forest than living in the city. For her, being truly free means everything. While other people run from the wind and rain, she relishes it - Being out in the elements fills her heart with joy. She is a fun, beautiful girl and a lot of people like her, but they struggle to keep up with her or to tolerate her wild ways.


She is Adventurous and Full of Energy and Also Very Energetic When She Comes to Her Extreme Attempts and Evening Parties. She is Also Bored and Sleep When She Encounters Boring Stuff Like Her Own Work.


She is Born on November 11th Seen in "Saggi's Double Trouble".

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