"Slow Jam" is the 3rd episode of the AstroLOLogy animated series. It is The 3rd part of the Rom-Antics chapter and the 3rd episode overall. This episode marks the first appearance of Aries and Cancer.



Aries and Cancer are on a stroll and Aries tells Cancer a joke, making her laugh, then brings her a rose. Aries pulls out a boombox and shows off his dance moves, then invites Cancer to dance, too. She sets the boombox to classical music and has Aries join her in a waltz. He puts back on his own choice of music, but Cancer switches it back and insists they dance her way. She gets angry and drops him when she sees that their dance put him to sleep, so Aries decides to compromise and take them to an ice rink so they can waltz without him getting bored.

In the fortune message, Aries dances across the screen.

Fortune Message

"Romance needs time, Aries needs speed."


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