Spotlight Me is The 19th Episode of The AstroLOLogy Animated Series. This is The 7th Part of the Cat-astrophe Chapter and The 19th Episode Overall.



The episode starts on a stage as it opens the curtains, it spotlights Leo with his top hat. He starts the show juggling three balls. before returning them inside his top hat as the audience applaud. Then he flips his top hat down and lifts up to reveal his cat as the audience applaud. Leo takes his top hat back on his head and holds his jump rope. Both him and his cat starts jumping roping. Leo finishes jump roping and just then, the spotlight points only to his pet cat as the audience are being happy to see what the cat do more. Leo notices this.

Leo starts to hog over the spotlight with him trying to pay attention to the audience but the cat meows. Leo starts another trick by riding his small unicycle to do some tricks, but was not work and tumbles off screen. Then he juggles chainsaws to make the audience pay attention to him. The cat lays down and sleeps as the audience go 'aww' at the cat. Leo throws the chainsaws upwards and drops down to sticking to the ground to stop juggling.

Leo is now mad at his own cat doing his spotlight. He is now frustrated while stomping on his own top hat. The cat starts licking his own fur making the audience squeal. Leo seeing his own cat doing his thing as he curiously starts licking his own fur now making the audience cheer. The spotlight now moves a bit to point at both. Leo now gets it as he starts to pretend like his own cat. The cat grooms his fur and so does Leo as well. With the audience now applause that the spotlight now gets brighter to both of them. The cat then licks his private spot as Leo sees in disgust. The audience wanted to see Leo to copy like his cat as well. Leo has no choice but to lick his private spot as well leaving the audience sees in disgust.

Fortune Messege

"Leo may love cats, but should a feline friend take his spotlight, that's when it becomes a rival"

Leo came back now really disgusted on how he did that before and cleans off his tongue in utter embarrassment.



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  • In real life, Lions are the biggest cats of the feline family.
  • Cats can take a bath by licking thier own fur. Lions do that too.
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