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He is Born Around April Seen in "Sweet Deal".
He is Born Around April Seen in "Sweet Deal".
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Taurus is One of The Main Characters in The AstroLOLogy Animated Series. He Appears to Be a Big Chubby Blue Minotaur with a Yellow Hood Along with an Orange Necktie. He First Appeared in The Episode. "Truly, Madly, Sweetie" in The 2018 Series. He is Under The Name of 'Tiny' During the 2016 Shorts.

Character Description

Taurus is the strong, silent type and can be very stubborn if challenged. His massive size literally makes him an immovable object - as you'll soon find out if you try to push him around - but in actual fact he's a sensitive soul who cares very deeply about things.


He is a Calm Person Which He wanted to Have a Good Life. He is Also Not Wasteful for His Money Because He Wanted to Save his Savings. He is Angry or Freaked Out at Times.


He is Born Around April Seen in "Sweet Deal".

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