Telly Vision is The 25th Episode of The AstroLOLogy Animated Series. This is The 1st Part of the On Duty Chapter and The 25th Episode Overall.



Aquarius is having a rough time trying to fix his TV. He thinks he has tried everything. He tiredly sits on the couch, thinking of ideas but then drifts off to sleep. In his dream, many Aquariuses are building a light bulb. When the Boss Aquarius is pulling the lever, it doesn’t work. So one of the Aquariuses has an idea, so he goes to put the plug into the outlet. Aquarius wakes up from his sleep because he found how to fix his TV. He simply puts the plug into the outlet!

Fortune Message

"If Aquarius can't solve a problem when he's awake, he'll certainly solve it when he's asleep."


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