"The Doll" is the 120th episode of AstroLOLogy season 2. It is the 12th and final part of the Paranormal AstroLOLogy chapter and the 264th episode overall.



Capricorn and Pisces are having tea and Pisces brings in a package containing a new doll. Suddenly, the doll narrows its gaze at Capricorn and chuckles, giving him a fright. Pisces puts the doll on a shelf next to a cactus and gets a phone call, which is when the doll attempts to hit her with the cactus, but Capricorn intercepts it. He tries to explain what the doll was doing, but Pisces ignores him.

While Pisces is taking a bath and distracted by listening to music through headphones, the doll attempts to drop a toaster in the bathtub to electrocute her, but Capricorn wrestles the toaster away, getting electrocuted himself from falling into a puddle. Capricorn chases the doll around the house, only for it to attack him with a baseball bat, but Capricorn dodges and uppercuts the doll into the fireplace, incinerating it. Pisces, not knowing what happened to the doll, is saddened by its disappearance, then goes into a storage room where she's revealed to have a collection of similar dolls, who then collectively stare at Capricorn, filling him with fear again.

During the fortune message, Capricorn chases one of the dolls, only for five of them to chase him back.

Fortune Message

"Count on Capricorn to take care of a menace."

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