"The Heart of a Winner" is the 36th episode of AstroLOLogy season 2. It is the 12th and final part of the AthLOLtics chapter and the 180th episode overall.



Capricorn engages in a fencing match with Aries and strikes him out. He then spars with Leo, landing a blow that causes Leo's pants to fall off, making him laugh.

Pisces comes up and challenges Capricorn to a duel. He lands a blow that knocks her faceguard off and he's left infatuated. During their next round, Capricorn playfully sidesteps Pisces' attacks and lands another blow that knocks her to the ground. Seeing Pisces looking at him sadly and shedding a single tear, Capricorn is guilt-ridden. In the third round, Pisces charges as Capricorn drops his sword in surrender, taking several blows that send him to the ground. Pisces cheers as Capricorn stares in bliss.

During the fortune message, Capricorn brings Pisces a bouquet of roses, but she turns out to be Gemini in disguise. Capricorn runs away as they laugh at him.

Fortune Message

"With such a big heart, Capricorn is always a winner."

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