The Runaway is The 24th Episode of The AstroLOLogy Animated Series. This is The 12th and Final Part of the Cat-astrophe Chapter and The 24th Episode Overall.



Capricorn is going to Pisces' house with some roses for her. Pisces' cat bursts the door open and runs away. Pisces comes out the door crying for her cat. Capricorn is determined to bring the cat back. Capricorn crashes into a trash can, runs up a tree, jumps into a sewer, and runs through some pretty rough traffic to get the cat back for Pisces. He comes back successful, but very bruised. Suddenly, the cat leaps away from Pisces and Capricorn. Pisces tells Capricorn to go get it, and Capricorn is still determined. In the end message, it shows Capricorn still chasing the cat.

Fortune Messege

"A friend in need is a Capricorn indeed."



  • This Episode is Seen in The Official Lemon Sky Website Page. The Only Difference that The Background on The Title Card is Dark Fushia Rather than a Generic Dark Blue.
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