"Tooth Picky" is the 8th episode of the AstroLOLogy animated series. It is the 8th part of the Rom-Antics chapter and the 8th episode overall. This episode marks the first appearance of Virgo and Scorpio.



Virgo and Scorpio are on a date, with Virgo's tidy eating habits contrasting Scorpio's careless ones. Scorpio gets a piece of food between his teeth, which Virgo tries to point out to him to no avail. They go see a movie before Scorpio brings Virgo home, meanwhile, she becomes increasingly frustrated by the sight of his teeth. After Scorpio goes to sleep, Virgo descends from his ceiling with a probe and tweezers to clean his teeth herself.

During the fortune message, Virgo is chasing Scorpio as he runs away in fear.

Fortune Message

"When Virgo tackles imperfections, rest assured the more extreme her actions, the more romantic her intentions."



  • This is the first episode to use movie footage.
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