Work-a-Thon is The 27th Episode of The AstroLOLogy Animated Series. This is The 3rd Part of the On Duty Chapter and The 27th Episode Overall.



It’s Aries’ birthday, and Libra is slowly writing a card for him. Then Aries is racing to finish stamping the paperwork before Libra just for competition. Then Libra is slowly licking the envelope for the card, while Aries is racing to put the paperwork into the envelopes before Libra. Finally, work is over. Aries was going to take the elevator down, but it was taking too long to get ready, so he rushes down the stairs, hoping to arrive there before Libra. Aries starts aching on the way down, and when he finally arrives downstairs his legs feel like jello! Libra arrives just a second after, giving Aries his birthday card.

Fortune Message

"Aries may clock in and clock out. But he never takes a day off from being competitive."


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